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Oct 20, 2021

"Stoics were the greatest psychologists of their times" - William B. Irvine.

Interview to philosophy professor, best-selling author, and stoic philosopher William B. Irvine about the Stoic Way, that is to say, the path to Stoic Joy, inner happiness, and ataraxia. The conversation holds the power of stoicism as one of the most effective tools out there to deal with negative emotions. Additionally, we dissect powerful concepts, strategies and principles to overcome any setback that we can experience daily, attain tranquillity and inner joy, find true greatness and freedom, and live a virtuous life.

"Take what you have and make the most out of it"

In this episode, William B. Irvine, an outlier, explores stoicism's deep and most profound roots and brings a Stoic's best traits, virtues, and precepts. He also shares his most important teachings, the learning writing of some of his books, and essential lessons from the greatest stoics.

"You have so much" - William B. Irvine.

William B Irvine the great Stoic - the stoic challenge

"I sometimes ask myself: 'What would Seneca do?'"

Index of contents

  1. Life milestones.
  2. Finding stoicism by accident.
  3. Adapting stoicism as a living philosophy.
  4. Personal hacks.
  5. Common misconceptions.
  6. Enlightenment and the stoic way.
  7. A book for a good life.
  8. The Stoic challenge.
  9. Thoughts on suicide and the stoic way.
  10. On weakening or erasing desire.
  11. Actionable and philosophical tools.
  12. Attaining joy in the modern world.
  13. Most significant lessons from the biggest stoics.
  14. Greatest influences.
  15. Modern inspiration.
  16. The book.
  17. Proud thing.
  18. Ideal counsellor team.
  19. Advice for anxiety and setbacks.
  20. Final message.

"The truth is a complex thing"

Podcast show-notes

  1. William's website.
  2. All his books.
  3. Last Time Meditation.
  4. Negative Visualization.
  5. Musonius Rufus.
  6. About Desire (Spanish)

"Keep your stoic duty up until death" - William B. Irvine.